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ACS733/ACS732 Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor

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ACS732 and ACS733: 1 MHz Bandwidth, Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor IC in SOIC-16 Package

The ACS732 and ACS733 current sensor family provides a 1MHz bandwidth with lightning fast 210nS response time sensing for AC or DC current sensing in automotive, industrial, commercial and communications systems. The device is designed for high frequency switching applications and can be used to replace high frequency current transformers.
The ACS732 and ACS733 can reduce overall BOM cost and PCB area while increasing quality in customer applications, making it superior to larger, bulky current transformers. Typical applications include power supplies DC/DC converters and chargers for industrial and automotive markets. This product family is provided in two version of the SOIC16W wide body package. The ‘LA’ package version provides a 3600VRMS 60 second isolation rating and can be used on voltage rails as high as 616V AC, RMS or 870Vpk or VDC. The ‘MA’ package version provides an industry leading 4800VRMS 60 second isolation rating and can be used on voltage rails as high as 1097VRMS or 1550Vpk or VDC.
The wide body SOIC-16 package allows for easy implementation. Applied current flowing through the copper conduction path generates a magnetic field that is sensed by the IC and converted to a proportional voltage. Current is sensed differentially in order to reject external common-mode fields.
Device accuracy is optimized through the close proximity of the magnetic field to the Hall transducer and Allegro factory programming after packaging. The output of the device has a positive slope when an increasing current flows through the primary copper conduction path (from pins 1 thru 4 to pins 5 thru 8), which is the path used for current sensing. The internal resistance of this conductive path is typically less than 1 mΩ, providing very low power loss, increasing efficiency in customer applications.
The ACS732 and ACS733 surface-mount SOIC-16 wide-body package is plated with 100% matte tin, which is compatible with standard lead (Pb) free printed circuit board assembly processes. Internally, the device is lead-free. These devices are fully calibrated prior to shipment from the Allegro factory.

Product Number: ACS733 / ACS732

Class: Current Sensor,PowerManagentIC(PMIC)

Tag: Hall-Accuracy Current Sensor, Isolated Current Sensor

AEC-Q100 qualified
High bandwidth, 1 MHz analog output
Differential Hall sensing rejects common-mode fields
High-isolation SOIC16 wide body package provides galvanic isolation for high-voltage applications
Industry-leading noise performance with greatly improved bandwidth through proprietary amplifier and filter design
UL60950-1 (ed. 2) certified
Dielectric Strength Voltage = 3.6 kVRMS
Basic Isolation Working Voltage = 616 VRMS
Fast and externally configurable overcurrent fault detection
1 mΩ primary conductor resistance for low power loss and high inrush current withstand capability
Options for 3.3 V and 5 V single supply operation
Output voltage proportional to AC and DC current
Factory-trimmed sensitivity and quiescent output voltage for improved accuracy
Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis
Ratiometric output from supply voltage

Part Number Output Type Frequency Current Rating Operating Supply Voltage Response Time Sensitivity Isolation Voltage Operating Temperature Supply Voltage Package Type
ACS732 Analog 1000 kHz 20A 5 V 4µs 66 mV/A 3,600 -40 °C ~ 125 °C(TA) 5 V 16-Pin SOICW
ACS733 Analog 1000 kHz 20A 5 V 4µs 66 mV/A 3,600 -40 °C ~ 125 °C(TA) 3.3 V 16-Pin SOICW

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