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aMOS5™ HV | Super Junction MOSFETs

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor

aMOS5 is AOS’ latest generation of high voltage MOSFET, designed to meet the high efficiency and high-density needs for Quick Charger, Adapter, PC Power, Server, Industrial Power, Telecom, and Hyperscale Datacenter applications.

The new aMOS5 family is designed to fit into a variety of hard and soft switching topologies including PFC, Flyback, LLC, ZVS FB, and other resonant structures. With 30% lower ?RDS x A” versus the previous generation, aMOS5 helps further reduce the conduction and switching losses, and drives SMPS design’s efficiency to the next level. The new 700V and 600V aMOS5 Super Junction MOSFET families will be manufactured in AOS’ world-class 300mm Fab to ensure AOS’ competence in technology, quality, and capacity to serve worldwide OEM and ODM customers. Both 700V and 600V aMOS5 Super Junction MOSFET families provide a broad selection of RDS(ON) and package options to address applications of different power ratings and design form factors. The company's Best-In-Class part is a 600V 40mOhm device in a TO-247 package.

Product Number: AOTL125A60 / AOB125A60L/ AOT125A60L / AOTF125A60L

Class: Single ET、MOSFETs, HV MOSFETs

Tag: Single EHV MOSFETs,

Low on-state resistance with aMOS5™ HV technology
Optimized switching parameters for better EMI performance
Versatile device for both hard switching and soft switching
Suppressed switching noise
High reliability
Enhanced body diode

SMPS with PFC,Flyback and LLC topologies
Micro inverter with DC/AC inverter topology
Server Power Supplies ATX Power Supplies PD Universal Adapters/Chargers Telecom Rectifiers Solar Inverters Industrial Power (Open-frame and DIN Rail) EV DC Fast Charging Motor Drives

Part Number Status Package Configuration Polarity VDS (V) VGS (±V) ID (A) 25°C PD (W) 25°C RDS(ON) (mΩ max)† at VGS= 10V TD(on) (ns)
AOTL125A60  Full Production TOLL Single N 600 20 28 312 125 39
AOB125A60L  Full Production TO-263 Single N 600 20 28 357 125 39
AOT125A60L  Full Production TO-220 Single N 600 20 28 357 125 39
AOTF125A60L  Full Production TO-220F Single N 600 20 28 36 125 39

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    AOTL125A60 Datasheet Download on Jan, 2022
    AOT125A60L Datasheet Download on Jun, 2022
    AOS aMOS5 HV MOSFETs catalog Download on Jun, 2022

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