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ACS37612: Coreless, High Precision, Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC with Common-Mode Field Rejection and High Bandwidth (240 kHz)

The ACS37612 is a standalone coreless current sensor IC that provides an economical and precise solution for AC and DC current sensing without requiring a magnetic concentrator core or a shield. The ACS37612 measures currents from 200A to >1000A flowing through a PCB or a busbar with a typical accuracy of 1%.
The differential Hall-based sensing topology used to measure the magnetic field virtually eliminates error from common-mode stray magnetic field without the need of a laminated shield required by competing solutions, which reduces the design size and bill of materials (BOM). High isolation is achieved via the no-contact nature of this simple assembly. A 240KHz bandwidth makes it ideal for inverter phase current sensing, load detection and management, power supplies and DC/DC converters where fast switching is required. The high response time enables overcurrent fault detection in safety critical applications. A –40°C to 150°C ambient operating temperature and a stellar ESD rating make it ready for the harsh automotive environment.
The ACS37612 is offered in a low-profile 8-pin surface mount TSSOP package (thin-shrink small outline package, suffix LU) that is ideal for space-constrained applications, while allowing simple surface mount assembly.

Product Number: ACS376122

Class: Current Sensor,PowerManagentIC(PMIC)

Tag: Standalone Coreless Differential Current Sensor, Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC

Eliminates the need for a concentrator core or a shield
Contactless, lossless current sensing for applications where current flows through busbar or PCB
Differential sensing rejects common-mode stray fields
3.3 and 5.0 V single supply operation
Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability with up to 240 kHz sensor bandwidth
Factory-trimmed sensitivity and offset for improved accuracy
Eliminates need for concentrator core or shield
Suited for applications where current flows through busbar or PCB
High operating bandwidth: DC to 240 kHz
AEC-Q100 Grade 0, automotive qualified
Contactless, lossless, non-invasive current sensing
Very fast response time (<2 μs typ)
3.3 or 5.0 V single supply operation
Ratiometric output with unidirectional and bidirectional modes

Typical Applications:
High Voltage Traction Inverters Auxiliary Inverters for Integrated Starter Generators (iBSG) 12V and 48V systems Direct Connect or Belt Driven Systems.
Battery Disconnect Junction Boxes Disconnect and Smart Fuse Functions DC/DC Converter
Industrial Switching Power Supplies DC/DC Converters DC/AC Inverters Grid Infrastructure and Power Distribution

Part Number Sensing Current Type Frequency Current - Supply Operating Supply Voltage Response Time Sensitivity Accuracy (%) Operating Temperature Supply Voltage Package Type
ACS37612 DC / AC 240 kHz 15mA 5 V 1.6µs 15mV/A ±1 -40 °C ~ 150 °C(TA) 3.3V ~ 5.0V 8-pin surface mount TSSOP package

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