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ATS605LSG : Dual Output Differential Speed and Direction Sensor IC

The ATS605LSG provides a single IC solution to rotational position sensing applications with a ferrous gear target. The SG package incorporates a rare earth pellet for ease of manufacturing, consistent performance over temperature, and enhanced reliability.
Three Hall elements are incorporated to create two independent differential channels. These channels are processed by the IC which contains a sophisticated digital circuit designed to eliminate the detrimental effects of magnet and system offsets. Hall differential signals are used to produce a highly accurate speed output and, if desired, provide information on the direction of rotation.
Advanced calibration techniques are used to optimize signal offset and amplitude. This calibration, combined with the digital tracking of the signal, results in accurate switch-points over air gap, speed, and temperature. The open-drain outputs provide voltage output signals which mirror the sensed target’s shape, with a phase separation between the two channels proportionate to the size of the target teeth vs. the Hall element spacing. This sensor IC system is optimized for a variety of applications requiring dual phase gear speed and position signal information or simultaneous high-resolution gear speed and direction information.
The ATS605 is offered in a lead (Pb) free 4-pin SIP package with an integrated back-basing magnet with a 100% matte tin plated leadframe.

Product Number: ATS605

Class: Sensors, Transducers Magnetic Sensors, Switches (Solid State)

Tag: Speed Sensor ICs, Direction Sensor ICs

Two independent digital outputs representing the sensed target’s mechanical profile
Optional output with high resolution position and direction detection information
Air gap independent switch points
Integrated back-biasing magnetic circuit
Immunity to external magnetic interference
Wide operating voltage range
Single chip IC for high reliability
Robust test coverage and reliability using Scan and IDDQ test methodologies
Optional Double-Bandwidth configuration

Part Number Output Type Features Sensing Range Mounting Type Test Condition Function Operating Supply Current Maximum Frequency Operating Temperature Voltage - Supply Package Type
ATS605 Open Drain Temperature Compensated 70% Trip, 30% Release Through Hole -40°C ~ 150°C Special Purpose 8.5 mA 20 kHz -40 °C ~ 150 °C(TA) 4V ~ 24V 4-PIN SIP (SUFFIX SG)

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