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AIP3D30A060Q4 :IPM3,Dual-In-Line Package Intelligent Power Module

The IPM3 series Intelligent Power Module that is integrated into Alpha and Omega Semiconductor’s latest AlphaIGBT™ line offers extremely low Qrr FRD. The robust gate drive IC, offers high efficiency, low EMI, and enhanced ruggedness for inverter-driven applications, including air-conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and fan motors.

Product Number: AIP3D30A060Q4

Class: Dual-In-Line Package Intelligent Power Module, Intelligent Power Module , IPM3 , IPMs

Tag: Intelligent Power Module, IPM3 , IPMs

UL Recognized: UL 1775 File E345245
3-phase inverter module with optional built-in PFC diode
600V-30A (Trench Shielded Planar Gate IGBT)
Low VF and Ultra-fast recovery diode for PFC (AIP3P30A060Q4)
Built-in bootstrap diodes with integrated current-limiting resistor
Control supply under-voltage lockout protection (UVLO)
Controllable over-temperature protection (OT)
Temperature monitoring (VOT)
Short-circuit current protection (CSC)
Controllable fault out signal (VCF) corresponding to SC, UV and OT fault
Enable input functionality: Low-side IGBTs shut-down
Input interface: 3 and 5V line, Schmitt trigger receiver circuit (Active high)
Isolation ratings of 2000Vrms/min

Applications :
AC 100-240Vrms class low power motor drives
Air-conditioners, Washing machines, Compressors and Fan Motors

Part Number Configuration Function Input Logic Rated Voltage IC VCE(sat) VF Emitter Configuration Operating Temperature Isolation ratings Package Type
AIP3D30A060Q4 IPM3 3-phase ESD-IGBT IPM Active High 600V 30A 1.5V 1.6V Separated -40°C to 150°C(TA) 2000Vrms/min IPM-3

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