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A1335: Precision Hall-Effect Angle Sensor IC with I 2C, SPI, and SENT Interfaces

The A1335 is a 360° contactless high-resolution programmable magnetic angle position sensor IC. It is designed for digital systems and is capable of communicating via an I2C, SPI, or SENT interface.
This system-on-chip (SoC) architecture includes a front end based on Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology, programmable microprocessor-based signal processing, and features an interface capable of supporting I2C, SPI, and SENT.
Besides providing full-turn angular measurement, the A1335 also provides scaling for angle measurement applications less than 360°. It includes on-chip EEPROM technology, capable of supporting up to 100read/write cycles, for flexible programming of calibration parameters.
Digital signal processing functions, including temperature compensation and gain/offset trim, as well as advanced output linearization algorithms, provide an extremely accurate and linear output for both end-of-shaft applications as well as off-axis applications.
The A1335 is ideal for automotive applications requiring highspeed 360° angle measurements, such as: electronic power steering (EPS), transmission, torsion bar, and other systems that require accurate measurement of angles. The A1335 linearization schemes were designed with challenging off-axis applications in mind.
The A1335 is available as a single die in a 14-pin TSSOP, or dual die in a 24-pin TSSOP. Both packages are lead (Pb) free with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating.

Product Number: A1335

Class: Sensors, Transducers Position Sensors Angle, Linear Position Measuring

Tag: 360° angle sensor IC, Hall-Effect Angle Sensor IC, Precision Hall-Effect Angle Sensor

360° contactless high-resolution angle position sensor
CVH (Circular Vertical Hall) technology
Available with either a single die or dual independent die housed within a single package
Digital output format selectable among SPI, I2C, and SENT (Single-Edge Nibble Transmission)
SENT output is SAEJ2716 JAN2010 compliant, with Allegro proprietary enhanced programmable features
Customer-programmable SENT tick times, ranging from 0.5 to 7.9 µs
SPI interface allows use of multiple independent sensor ICs for applications requiring redundancy
Refresh rate: 32 µs, 12-bit resolution
Programmable via Manchester encoding on the VCC line, reducing external wiring
Automotive temperature range: –40°C to 150°C
AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
Two types of linearization algorithms offered: harmonic linearization and segmented linearization. Enables off-axis operation.
Programmable range—can scale 22.5° to full-scale digital output
Microprocessor-based output linearization
EEPROM with Error Correction Control (ECC) for trimming calibration
1 mm thin (TSSOP) package
Improved air gap performance, based on continuous background calibration

Part Number Output Output Signal Rotation Angle Mounting Type Termination Style Actuator Type Operating Supply Current Moisture Sensitive Operating Temperature Voltage - Supply Package Type
A1335 I²C, SENT, SPI - 0° ~ 360° Surface Mount Gull Wing External Magnet, Not Included 17 mA Yes -40 °C ~ 150 °C(TA) 4.5V ~ 5.5V Single SoC, 14-pin TSSOP (Suffix LE) / Dual Independent SoCs, 24-pin TSSOP (suffix LE)

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