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ACS37002: 400 kHz, High Accuracy Current Sensor with Pin-Selectable Gains

The ACS37002 is a 400 kHz fully integrated Hall-effect current sensor with very high accuracy, making it ideal for use in control loops of the most demanding power conversion applications. Current flows through the internal conductor coupling the magnetic field generated to the Hall sensor IC. As a result of no physical connection between the current and the IC, high-voltage isolation is achieved. The current is sensed differentially by two Hall plates that subtract out interfering external common-mode magnetic fields. The sensor is factory-trimmed to provide high accuracy over the entire operating range without the need for customer programming.

The sensor has an analog output and a reference output for signal integrity in noisy environments. A fast over-current fault output is included, having a user-configurable threshold via an analog input pin, providing short-circuit detection and enhanced system protection. The sensor also has four user-selectable gain options in the same device with two logic inputs without the need of extra components. This provides designers flexibility and minimizes the overall bill-of-material for systems that need different current sensing ranges.

The ACS37002 is available in three different SOICW-16 packages:
• LA package is optimized for higher sensitivity and lower noise;
• MA package provides high isolation of 4.8 kVrms;
• MC package is our newest package, combining best-in-class conductor resistance of 0.27 mΩ and highest isolation rating of 5 kVrms for applications where ultra-low power loss and high reinforced isolation are needed.

Product Number: ACS37002

Class: Current Sensor,PowerManagentIC(PMIC)

Tag: 400 kHz Current Sensor, High Accuracy Current Sensorr

Wide operating bandwidth 400 kHz
Internal conductor resistance as low as 0.27 mΩ (MC package)
1% Sensitivity error from -40 to 125ºC (KMA version)
Pin-selectable Gain Options (4)
Fast over-current detection 1.5 µs max response time
UL60950-1 (ed. 2) certified
Dielectric Strength Voltage = 3.6 kVRMS
Basic Isolation Working Voltage = 616 VRMS
Fast and externally configurable overcurrent fault detection
Wide operating bandwidth 400kHz
Internal conductor resistance as low as 0.27mΩ (MC package)
1% Sensitivity error from -40°C to 125°C (KMA version)
Pin-selectable Gain Options (4)
Fast over-current detection 1.5µs max response time

Part Number Output Type Frequency Current - Supply Operating Supply Voltage Response Time Sensitivity Isolation Voltage Operating Temperature Supply Voltage Package Type
ACS37002 Analog 400 kHz 15mA 5 V 1.5µs 26.4mV/A 3,600 -40 °C ~ 125 °C(TA) 3V ~ 3.6V Available in three different SOICW-16

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